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白青式メーカー [ウィンターヘアカラー]
White-blue creator [winter hair color](Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

▼Twitter/白青・白くま @shirokuma_224 ▼SKIMAでの販売は終了しました。The sale in SKIMA is over. Open commissions on Twitter. Full info here: https://shirokuma224.tumblr.com/commission ▼その他画像メーカー。Other character makers. Different hair colors. https://picrew.to/search/creator?crid=2469990 ■OK■ ・SNSアイコン、TRPG素材などへの利用。 ・色変え、トリミング、パーツの描き足し等の軽い加工。 こちらで作った画像をもとにオリジナルキャラクターを作成していただくことも可能です。ただし、白青によって描かれた複雑なデザインの服装を使用するのはおやめください。 You can use my Picrew as a SNS icon, TRPG material, etc. You can also create your own original character based on the image created with this maker. However, do not use outfits with intricate designs drawn by me. Light retouching such as changing colors, cropping, adding parts, etc. is acceptable. ■NG■ ・商用利用(金銭の発生する配信等)、自作発言、二次配布、トレス。 ・誹謗中傷などの不快に感じるような過度な加工。 Commercial use (such as streaming that accrues money), claiming it as your own, redistribution, and tracing are strictly prohibited. Excessive retouching with malicious intent is forbidden.

Twitter/ @shirokuma_224 SKIMAThe deal in SKIMA is finished. Open commissions on Twitter. Full data here: https://shirokuma224.tumblr.com/commission Other person producers. Different hair tones. https://picrew.to/search/creator?crid=2469990 Alright SNSTRPG You can involve my Picrew as a SNS symbol, TRPG material, and so on. You can likewise make your own unique person in light of the picture made with this creator. In any case, don't utilize outfits with mind boggling plans drawn by me. Light modifying like evolving tones, trimming, adding parts, and so on is satisfactory. NG () Business use (like streaming that builds cash), guaranteeing it as your own, rearrangement, and following are completely denied. Over the top correcting with noxious goal is forbidden.

(Translated by 'Google translate')