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Nyatan type ori stick maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

オリ棒が作れるメーカーです。 初めて作ったのでおかしいところが多々あります… ランダムを押すとちょっと体がカオスになるので微調整して下さい! 眉毛とほっぺは動かせます! 作った子はオリ棒にしてOKです!アレンジは原型が無くならない程度でお願いします!✋ 何が質問ございましたら‪@pannyoriudonnha ‬まで! ちょいちょい更新してますよ!

It is a manufacturer that can make ori sticks. Since I made it for the first time, there are many strange things ... If you press Random, your body will become a little chaotic, so make fine adjustments! You can move your eyebrows and cheeks! The child you made can be used as an ori stick! Please arrange it to the extent that the prototype is not lost! ✋ If you have any questions, please contact @pannyoriudonnha! I'm updating it a little bit!

(Translated by 'Google translate')