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Weasel Nagamasa(Translated by 'Google translate')
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戦国武将・黒田長政公モチーフのいたちの創作キャラクターの着せ替えゲームです。 (≧▽≦) 長政くんと遊びたい人向け。 ----- ◯1/23 リリース アイテムは99種類♪また増えるかもです。 表情、兜、角、甲冑、菓子、花冠等でおめかしできます🌸 好きな装備をさせてもよし、ランダムで完璧装備を目指すのもよし。 運が良ければ官兵衛さんも出てきます☀️ 〇6/20 更新 マイクやおやつ、武器等…追加しました! 管理人@mfnf_s

Sengoku Busho - Kuroda Nagamasa This is a dress-up game for weasel-created characters with motifs. (≧ ▽ ≦) For those who want to play with Nagamasa. ----- ◯ 1/23 There are 99 types of release items ♪ It may increase again. You can dress up with facial expressions, helmets, horns, armor, sweets, corolla, etc. 🌸 You can equip it with your favorite equipment, or aim for perfect equipment at random. If you are lucky, Mr. Kyubei will come out ☀️ 〇 Updated on 6/20 Microphones, snacks, weapons, etc ... have been added! Manager @mfnf_s

(Translated by 'Google translate')