Super Junior Pick Crew -

초졸커 픽크루
Super Junior Pick Crew(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

※ 사용전에 설명읽어주세요 !!!!! ※ 초졸분들만사용가능합니다 프사로쓰셔도,,상관노 자캐앤캐덕캐이것저것만들어보세요 파츠는갠밴쾅쾅뚜드려주시면추가합니다뒷북도괜찮아요 앤캐주접자캐주접짤만들기가공보정모두가믕자유롭게써주세요 아래는 캐릭터별주의사항입니다,,, 오모챠는 입밑에 점두개잇잖아요 근데 그거 입을벌리면 부자연스러워져서,,, 입벌렷을땐 점 색조정해주심 됩니다 원래 눈이 머리칼보다 앞으로와야 보기좋아서 눈을 앞으로 당겻는데 카나데는 머리가 눈을 가려서 그냥 눈은 보기 안이쁘더라구요,,, 카나데만드실경우엔 눈 색을 맨 마지막 검정색으로ㅠ해주심 감사하겟ㅅ습니다 유우카는 눈동자선?이 없어서 피부색이랑 눈색이 비슷해서 별로 안이쁘게나와요 감은눈을 추천드립니다(...) 댓글남겨주신분들은 다 접수 됏어요 파츠는 계속 추가하는 중입니다!!!♡!!+♡♡ 초졸분들사랑해요

※ Please read the description before use !!!!! ※ It can only be used by elementary school graduates Let's make this and that Parts will be added if you bang bang bang. The back drum is fine too. Please feel free to use it freely for everyone to edit Below are the notes for each character. Omocha has two dots under his mouth, but when he opens his mouth, it becomes unnatural. Originally, I pulled my eyes forward because my eyes had to be in front of my hair, so I pulled my eyes forward, but Kanade's head covered her eyes, so her eyes just didn't look pretty. Yuka doesn't have eyeliner? It doesn't look very good because her skin color and eye color are similar. I recommend closed eyes (...) Everyone who left comments is accepted. Parts are being added continuously!!!♡!!+♡♡ I love you juniors

(Translated by 'Google translate')