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This trooper meka(Translated by 'Google translate')
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戦間期〜二次戦末期までの日本陸軍下士官兵が作れるよ‼️パーツの仕様によっては再現できない着装もありますがご容赦ください🙇軍装に関しておかしな点があれば指摘してくださると助かります 随時更新予定 作った人→ 追記 ・階級章の階級は”カラー変更”から変えられます ・”襟”パーツは雑嚢や水筒の負紐を襟の下に入れたいときにお使いください

You can make Japanese non-commissioned officers from the interwar period to the end of the second war! ️ Depending on the specifications of the parts, there are some clothes that can not be reproduced, but please forgive me 🙇 If there is something wrong with the military uniform, it would be helpful if you point out Scheduled to be updated from time to time The person who made it → postscript - The rank of the rank chapter can be changed from "Change color" - "Collar" parts should be used when you want to put a sack or a negative string of a water bottle under the collar.

(Translated by 'Google translate')