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A man's closet(Translated by 'Google translate')
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A certain boy's day, dress him up! ある男の日、彼をドレスアップ! Update log: 6/11/21 - added some hairstyles/髪型を追加しました 10/11/21 - separated eyes into left and right/左目と右目 - added overlays and decorations/オーバーレイとデコを追加しました - added more clothes, hairstyles, hands, injuries etc./服, 髪型, 手, 怪我 etc を追加しました。 I just made this for fun, and to try out picrew! 楽しみのために、そしてpicrewを試すためにこれを作りました! I'm using a translator, sorry if my japanese is weird. 私は翻訳者を使っています。私の日本語がおかしいならごめんなさい (T▽T) Check out my art! 私の作品! https://www.instagram.com/luna_kirsche/ Don't remove signature! サインを削除しないでください!

A specific kid's day, dress him up! ! Update log: 6/11/21 - added a few haircuts/ 10/11/21 - isolated eyes into left and right/ - added overlays and embellishments/ - added more garments, hairdos, hands, wounds and so on/, , , and so forth I only made this for no particular reason, and to give a shot picrew! picrew! I'm utilizing an interpreter, sorry on the off chance that my japanese is odd. () Look at my craft! https://www.instagram.com/luna_kirsche/ Try not to eliminate signature!

(Translated by 'Google translate')