Only indigo and white -

Only indigo and white(Translated by 'Google translate')
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藍色と白色の2色しかないメーカーです。 服と手が多めだと思います。 その辺の組み合わせなどで楽しんで頂けると嬉しいです 藍はいいぞ!という気持ちで作りました ひまつぶしなどでどぞ ❁一部血液?表現有ります ❁アイコン、TRPG用、キャラデザ参考大丈夫です◎ ❁どこかしらで使用する際メーカー名など表記あればうれしいです It is a manufacturer that has only two colors, indigo and white. I think I have a lot of clothes and hands. I hope you enjoy the combination of those areas. I made it to convey the charm of indigo ❁ There is some blood expression ❁ Icon, for TRPG, character design reference, okay ◎ ❁ It would be nice if the manufacturer name etc. was written when using it somewhere. 多分たまーに更新します Twitter

2 ? TRPG A maker has just two tones, indigo and white. I assume I have a ton of garments and hands. I want to believe that you partake in the mix of those areas. I made it to convey the appeal of indigo There is some blood articulation Symbol, for TRPG, character configuration reference, alright It would be great on the off chance that the producer name and so on was composed while utilizing it some place. Twitter

(Translated by 'Google translate')