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pixel citizen(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

VERSION 1.1 (WIP) New items: -Elf ears -Katamari merch (headgear, hands, background) -side-hair -back-hair -clothing -------------------------------- ✔️ ALLOWED SNS icon/avatar Character idea concept Roleplay Adding your own background (except for hateful/anti-Taiwan imagery) ❌ - NOT ALLOWED Editing of picrew (new items will be added) Commercial use Pluralkit / "Alter faceclaim" Claiming as your own artwork When using, please credit using my Discord Tag (changguo#9870) and linking to this Picrew. DO NOT USE THE DISCORDTAG TO CONTACT ME.

VERSION 1.1 (WIP) New things: -Mythical being ears -Katamari merchandise (headgear, hands, foundation) -side-hair -back-hair -clothing -------------------------------- Permitted SNS symbol/symbol Character thought idea Pretend Adding your own experience (aside from derisive/hostile to Taiwan symbolism) - NOT ALLOWED Altering of picrew (new things will be added) Business use Pluralkit/"Adjust faceclaim" Guaranteeing as your own fine art While utilizing, kindly credit utilizing my Discord Tag (changguo#9870) and connecting to this Picrew. Try not to USE THE DISCORDTAG TO CONTACT ME.

(Translated by 'Google translate')