Men with glasses! Meka -

Men with glasses! Meka(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

※こちらは私の趣味嗜好を詰めた(主に眼鏡に重点をおいた)デフォルメキャラメーカーです。いろんな方の眼鏡ボーイが見たいんじゃ…!という気持ちで作りました!!眼鏡外すことも出来ちゃうけど…… 商用は不可× 自作発言× 二次創作・加筆は○ タグつけてもらえると見に行けるので嬉しいです! TwitterなどSNSのアイコン利用もOKです!◎ お試し感覚でのメーカー作成なので、至らぬ点はご容赦を… ランダムは変になりやすいのでオススメできません。 気が向いたらパーツ追加していく予定です。 気が向いたら…( ˘ω˘)スヤァ 作った人 @mgnun_ 感想やパーツのリクエスト、質問等はこちらまで! 1.22 リリース 1.22 飾り,髪等追加

* This is a deformed character maker with my hobbies and tastes (mainly focusing on eyeglasses). I want to see various glasses boys ...! I made it with that feeling! !! You can take off your glasses, but ... Commercial is not possible × Self-made remarks × Derivative work - I'm glad that you can go see the addition if you tag it! You can also use SNS icons such as Twitter! ◎ Since it was created by the manufacturer as if it were a trial, please forgive the points that cannot be reached ... Random is apt to be weird and is not recommended. I plan to add parts when I feel like it. If you feel like it ... (˘ω˘) The person who made it @mgnun_ Click here for impressions, parts requests, questions, etc.! 1.22 release 1.22 Add decoration, hair, etc.

(Translated by 'Google translate')