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Honest-chan me ~ ka ~(Translated by 'Google translate')
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本音をぶっちゃける女の子がつくれるよ〜! 1/26 た〜くさんアイテム追加しました!【167アイテム】 (髪色、眼鏡、ほくろ、アイカラー、髪型、アクセ、服、背景etc) 1/21 リリース SNSアイコン等個人使用はご自由にどうぞ〜 原型が失われない程度なら加工もOKです🙆‍♀️ 自作発言はだめです🙅‍♀️ ご要望などは下記Twitterアカウントのマシュマロまで〜↓ クドヲ(@910wo) 使用フォント→https://www.flopdesign.com/freefont/kanjyukugothic-freefont.html

You can make a girl who can make a real intention! 1/26 Takusan items have been added! [167 items] (Hair color, glasses, mole, eye color, hairstyle, accessories, clothes, background, etc.) 1/21 release Feel free to use SNS icons for personal use ~ Processing is OK as long as the prototype is not lost 🙆‍♀️ You can't make your own remarks 🙅‍♀️ If you have any requests, please contact Marshmallow on the Twitter account below ~ ↓ Kudowo (@ 910wo) Fonts used → https://www.flopdesign.com/freefont/kanjyukugothic-freefont.html

(Translated by 'Google translate')