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Mitsuami Tengoku(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

三つ編み好きの三つ編み好きによる三つ編み好きのためのメーカーです --随時更新中-- 10/26 追加:アイカラー2点、口2点、服1点 *自作発言、過度な加工、トレス、商用利用はご遠慮ください *一部組み合わせができないパーツがあります(例:前髪パーツの右サイド分けと横髪パーツ等) *基本自分の好きなパーツのみを入れています *三つ編みの子でも三つ編みじゃない子でもOK パーツのリクエストはこちらへ→ 地味な娘メーカー▹▸ 作者▹▸ソルト @NaCl0013

It is a maker for braid lovers by braid lovers --Updated from time to time -- Added on 10/26: 2 eye colors, 2 mouths, 1 clothes * Please refrain from making your own remarks, excessive processing, tressing, and commercial use. * Some parts cannot be combined (example: right side division of bangs parts and side hair parts, etc.) * Basically, only the parts you like are included. * Whether you are a braid child or a non-braid child, it's OK. Click here to request parts → Sober daughter maker ▹ ▸ Author ▹ ▸ Salt @ NaCl0013

(Translated by 'Google translate')