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I'm Stupid Ball. Clean Ball Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

*Simplified Chinese* 这个工具制作出的图片只能作为表情包/头像使用。不可以用在动画/漫画中,不可作为单图上传。 --- 这个工具刚刚做出来,会慢慢更新。如果你有一些国家的设想,不如来联系我: [email protected] 我的哔哩哔哩账号:-喇叭人-(有横杠) --- 来看看我的另一作? https://picrew.to/image_maker/1053941 有更多的国家,还有眼睛,饰品,表情等多样选择,同样在慢慢更新,并且支持用作漫画/动画! --- 9/11 第一次更新

*Simplified Chinese* The pictures created by this tool can only be used as emoticons/avatars. Cannot be used in animation/manga, and cannot be uploaded as a single image. --- This tool has just been made and will be updated slowly. If you have ideas for some countries, please contact me: [email protected] My Bilibili account: -horn man- (with a horizontal bar) --- Come see my other work? https://picrew.to/image_maker/1053941 There are more countries, as well as various options such as eyes, accessories, expressions, etc., which are also slowly updated, and support for comics/animations! --- 9/11 First update

(Translated by 'Google translate')