Somehow creator beta version -

なんとかメーカー β版
Somehow creator beta version(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

画像の利用範囲を見てつかってね! こんなパーツが欲しい!不具合があった!などは までお願いします! 上記の利用範囲内でアイコン、ヘッダー、trpgの立ち絵、創作キャラのデザインなどご自由にお使いください。 メーカー名、作者名の記入は必要ありません。 商用利用は可能ですが、利用規約にある通り画像をメインにした利用はできません。(アイコンとしての販売など) また、悪質な目的での使用、自作発言、二次配布などの行為は禁止とします。 トレス、模写、加工などおっけーですが、インターネット上に掲載する際はそうと分かる旨の説明をお願いします。 _______________________ Feel free to use icons, headers, trpg standing pictures, creative character designs, etc. within the above usage range. It is not necessary to enter the manufacturer name and author name. Although it can be used for commercial purposes, it cannot be used mainly for images as stated in the terms of use. (Sold as an icon, etc.) In addition, acts such as use for malicious purposes, self-made remarks, and secondary distribution are prohibited. It's okay to tress, copy, process, etc., but please specify that when posting on the Internet. ※Since it is a sentence created with a translation application, it may feel strange trpg Go ahead and use symbols, headers, trpg standing pictures, innovative person plans, and so on inside the above utilization range. It isn't important to enter the producer name and creator name. Despite the fact that it tends to be utilized for business purposes, it can't be utilized fundamentally for pictures as expressed in the terms of purpose. (Sold as a symbol, and so forth.) Moreover, acts like use for noxious purposes, independent comments, and optional circulation are restricted. It's alright to braid, duplicate, process, and so on, however kindly indicate that while posting on the Internet. Since it is a sentence made with an interpretation application, it might feel strange

(Translated by 'Google translate')