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girl in taiwan shirt(Translated by 'Google translate')
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自由更換娃娃穿著臺灣衫。 臺灣衫名詞解釋:早期臺灣漢人族群常穿的服裝,日治時期臺灣人為區別日本人的和服與洋服,發展出「臺灣衫」之稱呼。 ※僅限個人使用與非商業目的。禁止任何形式的商業行為。 ※允許二次加工,禁止自作發言。 ※可於sns上發表或設為個人帳戶顯示。(不強制標註) 若有相關更新將於此帳號公布(Twitter:@taiwancostume) 特別感謝繪師(@sthutan_)

Free to change dolls wearing Taiwanese shirts. Explanation of the terms of Taiwanese shirts: the clothing often worn by the Han ethnic group in Taiwan in the early days. During the Japanese occupation period, Taiwanese developed the name of "Taiwanese shirts" in order to distinguish Japanese kimonos from Western clothes. ※For personal use and non-commercial purposes only. Commercial conduct of any kind is prohibited. ※Secondary processing is allowed, and self-speaking is prohibited. ※It can be posted on sns or set as personal account display. (Not mandatory) Updates will be posted on this account (Twitter: @taiwancostume) Special thanks to the artist (@sthutan_)

(Translated by 'Google translate')