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Dress-up boy(Translated by 'Google translate')
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褐色フェチショタコン特化の着せ替えです! アイテム数が割と多いので感覚でサクサク選んで何度も遊んで貰いたいです。 特定の条件でしか意味のないアイテムや、カラーバリエーション数に偏りがある物などもあります。 例えばランドセル等の肩に掛ける部分は、カラー選択のところでフードの下を通したり、上着に合わせた形に変えられます。 その他カラーバリエーション選択で、色ではなく形が変わるアイテムがいくつかあります。 いろいろ試して頂きたいです! (親切設計ではなく申し訳ありません) 適当に切り取ってアイコンに使って頂く分にはかまいません! 《自作発言及び二次配布は厳禁です》

It is a dress-up specializing in brown fetish Shotacon! Since the number of items is relatively large, I would like you to choose crisply and play with it many times. Some items are meaningful only under certain conditions, and some items have a biased number of color variations. For example, the part that hangs on the shoulder such as a school bag can be passed under the hood at the color selection or changed to a shape that matches the jacket. There are some other items that change shape instead of color depending on the color variation selection. I want you to try various things! (Sorry, not kind design) It doesn't matter if you cut it out and use it as an icon! << Self-made remarks and secondary distribution are strictly prohibited >>

(Translated by 'Google translate')