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Favorite kid producer (mi)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

好みの子を作りたかったメーカー。 女の子も男の子もいけるはず。 良識の範囲内で個人的にお楽しみください。 ●更新履歴● 21/08/25 一部服修正 21/08/24 服2種類、服装飾2種類、顔装備2色追加、顔装備1種類追加 21/08/23 前髪3種類、後髪3種類追加 21/08/14 リリース 飽きるまで気まぐれに更新します。

A maker who wanted to make a child of his choice. Both girls and boys should be able to go. Please enjoy it personally within the bounds of common sense. ● Update history ● 21/08/25 Some clothes modified 21/08/24 2 types of clothes, 2 types of clothes decoration, 2 colors of face equipment added, 1 type of face equipment added 21/08/23 Added 3 types of bangs and 3 types of back hair 21/08/14 release Update on a whim until you get tired of it.

(Translated by 'Google translate')