Round and round -

Round and round(Translated by 'Google translate')
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なんだかぐるぐるしてくる ↓欲しいパーツはこちらへ(メーカー名も記載して下さい) For some reason, it spins. ↓Go here for the parts you want.(Please include the manufacturer's name.) ▪更新情報▪ ▫7/3 公開    あたまかざり1、2の追加    メガネの追加    アホ毛、メッシュの追加    帽子の追加    ケモ耳パーツの追加  7/9 メカクレパーツの追加(リクエストありがとうございました)  7/22はだの色3色追加(リクエストありがとうございました)  8/8あたまかざりの色追加  12/20リクエスト少し消化  12/25  〃

Somehow it comes round and round ↓ Click here for the parts you want (please include the manufacturer name) For some reason, it spins. ↓ Go here for the parts you want. (Please include the manufacturer's name.) ▪ Update information ▪ ▫ Published on 7/3 Addition of warm heads 1 and 2 Addition of glasses Addition of ahoge and mesh Addition of hat Addition of chemo ear parts 7/9 Addition of mechacre parts (Thank you for request) 7/22 Added 3 colors of Hada (Thank you for the request) 8/8 Addition of warm color 12/20 Request a little digestion 12/25 〃

(Translated by 'Google translate')