Peking Opera Cat OC Simulator (unfinished) -

Peking Opera Cat OC Simulator (unfinished)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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「你看這個官方就是遜啦!才更幾集,就鴿了,真的太遜了!」 「聽你這麼說,你很勇喔?」 「開玩笑!我超勇的啦!我超會畫京劇貓oc啦!」 「超會畫···不錯,手蠻結實的嘛···」 「傑哥你幹嘛啦」 「都幾歲了?還這麼害羞···我看你,是完全不懂喔···我房間裡有一些好康的~」 「好康···是第四季下喔?」 「什麼第四季,比第四季還刺激,還可以教你登dua郎,來來來····」 「哇傑哥,這是什麼啊」 「哎唷,你臉紅啦?來,讓我看看」 「傑哥你幹嘛!!」 「讓我看看你oc發育得正不正常啊!」 「傑哥不要啦!」 「聽話····讓我看看!!」 「不要!!!!」 「呃!!」 「傑哥··!!不要啊!!!········」

"Look at this official! It's just a few episodes, it's just a pigeon, it's really too bad!" "Listen to you, you are brave?" "Just kidding! I'm super brave! I'm super good at drawing Peking Opera cats!" "Super good at drawing... not bad, my hands are pretty strong..." "Jack what are you doing?" "How old are you? You're still so shy...I see you, I don't understand at all...I have some healthy people in my room~" " it the fourth season?" "What's the fourth season, it's more exciting than the fourth season, and I can teach you to be a dua, come come come..." "Wow, what is this?" "Ouch, are you blushing? Come, let me see" "Jack, what are you doing!!" "Let me see if your oc is developing normally!" "Don't do it, Jack!" "Listen... let me see!!" "don't want!!!!" "Uh!!" "Jack...!! No!!!..."

(Translated by 'Google translate')