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Happy Birthday to Josuke Higashikata(Translated by 'Google translate')
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給仗助生賀做的紙娃娃 初次製作請多指教 - △同項目的不同種類配件顏色數量有差異,  如果更換顏色時物件變回第一格的樣式就是沒有做到那個數量 △不同種類衣裝銜接可能會有bug請多多注意 歡迎在合理範圍內自由使用 - IG/plurk: yuzu_amoeba

Please advise me on making paper dolls for Ka Josuke for the first time - △There are differences in the number of colors of different types of accessories for the same project. If the object changes back to the style of the first grid when the color is changed, it means that the quantity is not achieved △There may be bugs in the connection of different types of clothes, please pay more attention Welcome to use freely within a reasonable range - IG/plurk: yuzu_amoeba

(Translated by 'Google translate')