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Pikinosuke-style non-human kid maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

妙にニッチな人外少年少女が作れます。ユアベスト人外ができたら、好きな色に塗ってあげよう!アクセちょい足しなどの加工もOKです。アイコン、ヘッダー、キャラデザなど個人のお楽しみの範囲でどうぞ。 トレスは練習の範囲内で、自作発言はしないでね。 おすすめポイント 一応人間も作れます。 ケモ耳、羽耳、ヤギ耳、ヒレ耳パーツなどがあります。 メカクレ前髪は透けるバージョンがあります。おためしあれ。 耳や髪の処理に困ったら生え際パーツを使うと吉ですよ。

You can make strangely niche foreign boys and girls. If you can make your best outside, paint it in your favorite color! Processing such as adding accessories is also OK. Please use it for personal enjoyment such as icons, headers, and character designs. Torres should not make his own remarks within the scope of practice. Recommended points You can also make humans. There are chemo ears, feather ears, goat ears, fin ear parts, etc. There is a transparent version of Mekakure bangs. Try it. If you have trouble processing your ears or hair, it's a good idea to use hairline parts.

(Translated by 'Google translate')