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#Yandere Men's Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

フリーアイコン・自創作キャラの立ち絵等のメーカーです。 ※ヤンデレっぽい装飾等もありますが、使わなければ普通の男の子も作れます。 ※盗み防止の為、小さくですがメーカーのロゴを入れさせていただいております。ご了承ください。 ーーーーー ※禁止事項※ 自作発言・トレス・金銭の発生する利用や商用利用・二次配布/転売・公序良俗に反する目的での使用・悪意のある利用や攻撃的なアカウント等の利用・過度な加工/悪意のある加工(詳細下) ※使用上の注意※ ・過度な加工/悪意のある加工はやめてください。 (OK例:キラキラや縁取り等の軽い加工、ヘッダーやアイコン用の切り抜き等) (NG例:色調調整、歪みやdeep frying等の加工) ・ランダム対応の動きは保証できません ・作者は背景のセンスがないので、透明背景もあります。ご自由にご活用ください。(こちらを用いての背景の加工は上記に違反しない限り自由です) 基本的にはアイコンや自創作キャラの立ち絵としての使用を想定しておりますが、他の用途でも上記の禁止事項に触れなければ原則認めます。ただし、有料配信等の間接的な商用利用は避けてくださるとありがたいです。 何かあれば作者Twitterへ→https://twitter.com/regardellios

Free Icon - It is a maker of standing pictures of self-made characters. * There are some Yandere-like decorations, but if you don't use them, you can make ordinary boys. * To prevent theft, we have put the manufacturer's logo on it, although it is small. note that. -------- * Prohibitions * Self-made remarks - Torres - Money-generating use and commercial use - Secondary distribution / resale - Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals - Malicious use and use of aggressive accounts, etc. - Excessive processing / malicious processing (details below) * Precautions for use * - Please refrain from excessive processing / malicious processing. (OK example: Light processing such as glitter and edging, clipping for headers and icons, etc.) (NG example: Color adjustment, processing such as distortion and deep frying) - Random movement cannot be guaranteed - The author has no sense of background, so there is also a transparent background. Please feel free to use it. (Background processing using this is free as long as it does not violate the above) Basically, it is supposed to be used as an icon or a standing picture of a self-made character, but in principle it is accepted if the above prohibited items are not touched for other purposes. However, we would appreciate it if you avoid indirect commercial use such as paid distribution. If there is something, go to the author Twitter → https://twitter.com/regardellios

(Translated by 'Google translate')