Huh, will I make a pickle? -

헐 픽크루 한번 만들어볼까
Huh, will I make a pickle?(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

커뮤사용,자작발언만 하지 않으신다면 개인적인 선에서는 뭐든ok입니다 아니 근데 이걸 쓸 사람이 있을까요...? ------------------------------------ 시간날때마다 파츠 업데이트 합니다 솔직히 그냥 커뮤 갈떄마다 외관 그리기 귀찮아서 만든거라 허접해요... @zgn_brown

If you don't use comm or make your own remarks In my personal line, anything is ok. No, but can anyone write this...? ------------------------------------ Update parts from time to time To be honest, I just draw the exterior every time I go to com. I made it because I was bored, so it's lame... @zgn_brown

(Translated by 'Google translate')