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0w0(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

發布到任何地方時都請附上來源網址。 可用於: 人物設計 facebook、twitter等社群網站大頭貼。 加工僅限於裁剪畫面、自行增加配件和調整物件顏色,請勿進行惡搞等行為。 目前眼睛和頭髮可選擇的顏色: 棕、綠、藍、紫、紅、黃,共六種。 預計將增加黑、灰、白、粉、橙色。 物件部分預計將增加帽子、圍巾、眼鏡等。 最後更新時間:2019/6/7 上午11點

Please include the source URL when posting anywhere. can be use on: character design Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. The processing is limited to cropping the screen, adding accessories and adjusting the color of the object by yourself. Please do not make jokes. Currently available colors for eyes and hair: Brown, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, a total of six. Black, grey, white, pink and orange are expected to be added. The object part is expected to add hats, scarves, glasses, etc. Last update time: 2019/6/7 11:00 am

(Translated by 'Google translate')