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This was made with warrior cats in mind, specifically the roleplay forum I'm on. Come find us at ! A huge thank you to my friends there for all the amazing support <3 Of course, this is free for anyone to use. - - - MY SOCIALS: - - - NOTES: Fur color palettes follow this order (vaguely): white, black/brown tabby, black/grey-brown tabby, light blue, dark blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream. - - - UPDATES: V.2 as of 08/07 Known issues: - Left eyes: Albino and golden. - Left ears: Cream tattered and solid. To come: - Ear tufts - Freckle noses - Clouded eyes - Pride backgrounds/accessories - Illustrated backgrounds - - - CREDIT: It is appreciated if you credit me, but not compulsory. You may edit/draw over what you create. If you do though, then I ask that you do credit. This picrew cannot be used for profit in any way. - - - Textures by dgim-studio, freepik.

This was made in view of hero felines, explicitly the pretend discussion I'm on. Come track down us at! A tremendous thank you to my companions there for all the astonishing help <3 Obviously, this is free for anybody to utilize. - - - MY SOCIALS: - - - NOTES: Fur variety ranges follow this request (dubiously): white, dark/earthy colored dark-striped cat, dark/dim earthy colored dark-striped cat, light blue, dim blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, grovel, red, cream. - - - Refreshes: V.2 starting around 08/07 Known issues: - Left eyes: Albino and brilliant. - Left ears: Cream worn out and strong. To come: - Ear tufts - Spot noses - Obfuscated eyes - Pride foundations/frill - Represented foundations - - - CREDIT: It is valued assuming that you credit me, yet at the same not obligatory. You might alter/draw over what you make. In the event that you do however, I ask that you do credit. This picrew can't be utilized for benefit in any capacity. - - - Surfaces by dgim-studio, freepik.

(Translated by 'Google translate')