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OC component spoiled map heaps up(Translated by 'Google translate')
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你好,這裏是本本呀 終於把捏人做完了好累嗚嗚 章魚的兩個選項是我家oc啦,如果大家喜歡我後面可以加上別的顏色(主要是我好懶,嗚嗚) 後續會慢慢更新的,我主要是用這玩意來搞oc 因為筆記本色差很大,所以說顏色會有點淡,我也沒有辦法呀嗚 qq指路3518169128,歡迎找我玩! 想要加什麼也可以告訴我哦ԅ(¯ㅂ¯ԅ) (順帶一說封面是本人自設哦)

Hello, this is the book. I finally finished the pinching. The two options for the octopus are my oc. If you like me, you can add other colors to the back (mainly because I am lazy, woohoo) The follow-up will be updated slowly, I mainly use this thing to engage in oc Because the color difference of the notebook is very large, the color will be a little light, and I can't help it. QQ guides the way 3518169128, welcome to play with me! Let me know if you want to add anything ԅ(¯ㅂ¯ԅ) (By the way, the cover is my own design)

(Translated by 'Google translate')