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Eyelashes Chibachi-chan(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

⚠️加工NG⚠️商用利用NG⚠️ TwitterやLINEなどのアイコン、創作キャラのデザインなど個人の範囲内でお使いください。収益の出る配信アプリなどでのご使用はおやめ下さい。 まつげがばちばちのかわいい人型のいきものが作れます。 一部髪の毛の相性が悪いものがあります。心の目で見てください。 たぶんアイテム追加はしません。 ⚠️Processing NG⚠️ Commercial use is not allowed ⚠️ Please use it for your personal use, such as Twitter and LINE icons, creative character designs, etc. Please do not use it in distribution applications that generate revenue. You can make a cute humanoid creature with a big eyelash. Some of the hair is not compatible with each other. Please look at it with your mind's eye. I probably won't add any more items. 作った人→くるみ([email protected]_xbee)

NGNG TwitterLINE Handling NG Commercial use isn't permitted If it's not too much trouble, use it for your own utilization, for example, Twitter and LINE symbols, inventive person plans, and so on. Kindly don't involve it in circulation applications that produce income. You can make a charming humanoid animal with a major eyelash. A portion of the hair isn't viable with one another. Kindly glance at it with your inner consciousness. I presumably won't add additional things. ([email protected]_xbee)

(Translated by 'Google translate')